The landlords’ guide to choosing a property manager

Find out how a RE/MAX property manager can help you successfully rent out and manage your rental property

Finding the right property manager is a vital part of being a successful landlord. Discover how the experienced team at RE/MAX Warkworth can help you find and keep the right tenants for your rental property.


Web & newspaper advertising generates a high volume of qualified leads that can then be converted into leases by our professional property managers.

Personal inspections

We ensure each prospective tenant is met by one of our property managers at your property so that we can promote the features and benefits of your property and the surrounding area.

Questions every landlord should ask their property manager

How Do I Find Quality Tenants?

Our Property Managers recognise the importance of sourcing and selecting the best tenants for your property. We use a variety of cost-effective advertising procedures to gain maximum exposure for your property. The internet is an excellent source of tenants, and we work with websites and digital photographs. During public and private inspections, our property managers can informally interview prospective tenants, who are required to complete a detailed application providing references, ID and Rental history which we thoroughly check. Final selection of the most suitable tenant is at your discretion, based upon our property manager's advice and recommendation.

Are You Easily Contactable?

The secret of successful property management is communication. Our property managers are contactable by office phone, email, fax, mobile phone and mail. It is our company policy to return phone calls or emails within an hour, where possible, or at least by the close of business the same day.

How Often Do You Do Inspections?

Current legislation allows us to inspect your property every three months with written reports, with photographs provided after each inspection. Once a tenant gives notice of their intention to vacate and returns their keys, a formal vacating inspection is conducted by our property manager before the bond is refunded. Furthermore, our tradespeople are conscious of reporting any possible problems to our property managers after attending your property.

What are your fees?

We prefer to view your property before committing to fixed fees. Every situation is different, and we tailor your management fees appropriately. There are two main areas of property management - leasing and managing - and accordingly, there are two separate fees. The leasing fee is charged only when a property is leased to a new tenant. If your property is already tenanted, the leasing fee is not applicable until the property is next vacated and re-leased. Leasing fees are currently paid for by the tenant.

Management fees are ongoing, and we provide a number of services to earn our commission, including payment of outgoings, arranging repairs, conducting inspections and negotiating rent increases and lease renewals, as well as day-to-day management of rent receipts, disbursement of landlord funds, drive-bys and more. Engaging the services of RE/MAX Realty Group is an investment, not a cost, as we truly manage your property for you, not just collect the rent on your behalf.

Do You Use Cost Effective & Reputable Tradespeople?

We use only the most qualified tradespeople who have a good knowledge of property management, are Licenced and carry Insurance. These experienced tradespeople have been carefully selected by us and have been proven to be reliable and reasonably priced. RE/MAX Realty Group receives no rebates from tradespeople, thus ensuring that our landlords get the most cost-effective service. Many of our tradespeople are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case of emergencies.

Can You Help Me Develop My Investment Portfolio?

We can help you to purchase, upgrade, renovate, manage, buy or sell properties to increase your rental return. We provide stress-free management to give you the desire and confidence to grow your investment property portfolio, increase your financial independence and ultimately provide a secure future.

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections of your property are essential to ensure that the tenants are looking after your asset properly and to ensure that any preventative maintenance issues are identified and resolved.

We report the results of our regular inspections to you in writing with photographs, along with any recommendations for repairs, maintenance or refurbishment, if required.

Selecting the right tenants

RE/MAX Realty Group Property Managers recognise the importance of sourcing and selecting the best tenants for your property.

We use cost-effective advertising procedures to gain maximum exposure for your property, use thorough screening processes to select the most suitable tenants and seek tenants who will pay their rent on time and take care of your property.

Our selection process is an integral part of our management philosophy and references are thoroughly checked. Only when an applicant satisfies all our criteria will they be recommended to you, the property owner. We conduct an informal personal interview with the tenants to assist in the selection process. We collect 100 points of identification (i.e., passport, drivers licence, photo ID, etc.) from all tenants to assist us to accurately check Defaulting Tenant contentbases.

This detailed process culminates in the selection of a tenant with a proven history and/or excellent and supportive references. With the right selection, the potential problems and stress commonly associated with property management are reduced - for you and us - leaving RE/MAX Realty Group more time to help you enhance and expand your property portfolio.

Selecting the right tenants
Vacancy Rates

Vacancy Rates

The key to successful property investing is minimising the vacancy rate.

Effective marketing is the key to attracting the best possible tenants as quickly as possible, so we utilise the main real estate websites. We have premium listings which regularly generate qualified leads, which are then converted into leases by our professional property managers.

If you’d like the experienced team at RE/MAX Warkworth to manage your property, give us a call today.

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